About Me

I love what I do

Small Business, Events, and Start Ups are my jam.

As a solo-creative and former small business owner, I understand what it is to start something from the ground up. I know how tight those bootstraps have to be. I’m here to help you start building part of your dreams and form them into a beautiful financial reality. I’ve worked with quite a few new ventures. I work hard to give you exactly what you’re after and to send your demographic the message you’re trying to relay.

My Approach

With each new client, I like to start with a conversation. Graphic Design isn’t so much about the artistic outcome but rather the message being sent. I want to find out who my new client is, why  you do what you do? Once we’ve had a good conversation and we both feel good about it, I go to the drawing board. I take that conversation and I do research and I begin to mould the project into what I see as the outcome of our conversation, the message that you’re trying to send in your business or service. The result is a personalized logo, a fitting website, a beautiful illustration, or whatever your need may be.

>My Methodology

I’ve always believed that graphic design, marketing, identity branding and those other professional arts are less about art and more about communication and the distillation of information. The art is really the outcome, the result. It’s kind of like a good fire. The flames are what make us feel warm and relaxed, but it’s not really what’s going on. A fire is a chemical reaction and the flames and heat are the result. Graphic Design is a conversation between you and your audience. The logo, design, pamphlet, commercial, is the flame, spreading the warmth and light of that message.


See what others have said about me

Nick has been our on-call guy for promotional materials for my bar since we opened almost two years ago. His stylistic spin on basic concepts has set a new standard for promo design in the Northwest, and we are humbled to have him working on our stuff.
-Alex Kruse Kraftworks Taphouse

Nick Gillett is the only designer I’ll ever use for any project of mine, ever, period. When I produce live standup comedy shows, Nick is the first call I make. The value that he brings to any project is immeasurable. His turnaround time is ultra speedy, the work is accurate, and most importantly, the aesthetic quality is unparalleled.
-Eric Alexander Moore, Comedian

Nick Gillett is a very skilled graphic designer. Any design needs that you have for your business, he can help you. And the end results are always desirable.
-Laura Beach, Art for Oregon


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